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Incident: TAAG B773 at Lisbon on Feb 27th 2012, loss of communication

A TAAG Angola Airlines Boeing 777-300, registration D2-TEG performing flight DT-651 from Lisbon (Portugal) to Luanda (Angola) with 197 passengers, was climbing out of Lisbon's runway 03, when departure control began to complain about somebody blocking the frequency, the aircraft could be heard calling Lisbon on a wrong frequency and began to squawk loss of communication. Approach control called the aircraft repeatedly suggesting to turn off the other radio and change to the correct frequency. Communication was eventually re-established with approach control about 5 minutes after the onset of trouble, the aircraft had levelled off at FL080 in the meantime, communication was lost again and the aircraft's radio began to block frequencies again. The crew decided to return to Lisbon for a safe landing on runway 03 about 70 minutes after departure.

The aircraft squawked loss of communication until after landing, normal operation of the airport as well as routine operation of Lisbon approach resumed however about 10 minutes after the second loss of communication. The aircraft was not heard again on any of Lisbon's official frequencies.

The aircraft was able to depart again about 13:10 hours after first departure and is estimated to reach Luanda with a delay of 13:40 hours.


By Mat on Tuesday, Feb 28th 2012 11:20Z
I agree 100% with alias. "we" europeans should keep in mind that there´s ALWAYS politics and hard financial interests in those decision like e.g. "black lists" and so on... remembering AF447 they should ban Air France from flying europe. will they????????

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