domingo, 23 de agosto de 2015

Incident: TAP A343 near Lisbon and Seville on 2015, door sensor problem, then smoke in cabin

A TAP Air Portugal Airbus A340-300, registration CS-TOC performing flight TP-287 from Lisbon (Portugal) to Luanda (Angola) with 225 passengers, was climbing out of Lisbon when the crew stopped the climb at about FL300 due to a door indication, descended the aircraft to FL100 and returned to Lisbon for a safe landing about 75 minutes after departure.

A door sensor was identified as cause of the indication, the aircraft was able to depart again after about 3.5 hours on the ground and was climbing through FL320 about 40nm southeast of Seville,SP (Spain) when the crew stopped the climb reporting smoke in the cabin and diverted to Seville for a safe landing on runway 27 about 25 minutes later.

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