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Accident: TAAG B773 over Morocco on Jan 19th 2015, severe turbulence injures passenger

A TAAG Angola Airlines Boeing 777-300, registration D2-TEG performing flight DT-651 from Lisbon (Portugal) to Luanda (Angola), was enroute at FL350 about 75nm east of Marrakesh (Morocco), about to cross the Haut Atlas Mountains near M'Goun at about 11:26Z, when the aircraft encountered severe turbulence causing injuries to one passenger. The crew continued the flight to Luanda where the aircraft landed safely about 5.5 hours later.

The airline reported the aircraft encountered strong jet stream and currents while flying over Morocco just when meal service was in progress. A passenger, who did not have the seat belt tight, received minor injuries. The meal service was aborted. The captain assessed the situation and concluded there was no impediment to continue the flight to Luanda.

Scenes on board (Photo: Aurea Palhares):
Scenes on board (Photo: Aurea Palhares)

Infrared Satellite Image SEVIRI Jan 19th 2015 12:00Z (Graphics: AVH/Meteosat):

Infrared Satellite Image SEVIRI Jan 19th 2015 12:00Z (Graphics: AVH/Meteosat)

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