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We are collecting the groups to MAKS 2011!!! Join our English, Spanish and German groups here!!! (MAKS-2011, an international air show, will be traditionally held in the small Science town of Zhukovskiy from 16th to 21st August, 2011) Join now and ge

(MAKS-2011, an international air show, will be traditionally held in the small Science town of Zhukovskiy from 16th to 21st August, 2011)

Join now and get special discounts for you! Now you have the chance to join the group for 4 days for 799 Euro
and 6 day tour for 1199 Euro!!!!

At the present moment we have the people from the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Venezuela

MAKS-2011 is intended for the lovers of aviation and those who wish to see superb flights of the best aerobatic teams in the world. You should travel to Russia and see for yourself, hundreds of aircraft of all types and also the newest projects in the realm of space. You can also find out more about the latest achievements in the field of Russian and international armaments.

Aviasalon MAKS 2011 is one of the most fascinating and entertaining air shows in the world where all best Russian test pilots and international aerobatic teams demonstrate their mastery and skills performing hairaising maneuvers. It is the international aviation hi-tech show and it has gained a respectable position among the leading international airshows. Maks-2011 is a large-scale exhibition, that represents the products of the aerospace and defense industries. What attracts people to this exhibition, is a wide spectrum of research and development results, advanced technologies, up-to-date materials, sophisticated aircraft and spacecraft research, design and testing techniques all in one place!

The Russian Air Force will be represented by two well-known teams–"Strizhi" (The Swifts) and "Russian vityaz" (Russian Knights). The U.S. Air Force Jet Team and the famous "Patrol de France" are going to be a special guests of the event. The daily program includes demonstrational flights of dozens of planes and helicopters.

Travelling in Russia you should have a wonderful opportunity to see flight-records, and revel in the smells, sounds and exciting sights of all the planes and paraphernalia. You will be in the company of many world-renowned pilots and designers. Thrills a-plenty!

MAKS-2011 has an unforgettable festival-type atmosphere. This feature has been mentioned, at least once, by almost everybody who happened to attend this fascinating airshow. No wonder the number of visitors is growing steadily. Nowadays, Maks-2011 is becoming more popular among foreigners because of this unique atmosphere coupled with generous Russian hospitality.

Our agency, "Country of Tourism," is keen to offer you alternative types of tours, during your visit to the World Air Show MAKS 2011. You might book the tour with a visit to MAKS 2011. Besides, we are ready to provide high quality guide-interpreters, transportation and other tour services in Moscow. We want to cater to all aviation lovers during their stay in Moscow, including trying our most unusual tours.

Our programs and itinerary for 6 days could be seen here.
Our programs and itinerary for 4 days could be seen here.
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