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Accident: Dynamic B762 at Fort Lauderdale on Oct 29th 2015, fuel leak results in engine fire

A Dynamic Airways Boeing 767-200, registration N251MY performing flight 2D-405 from Fort Lauderdale,FL (USA) to Caracas (Venezuela) with 79 passengers and 11 crew, was taxiing for departure holding short of Fort Lauderdale's runway 28R after contacting tower, when the crew of another aircraft advised there was a massive fuel leak from the left hand engine (JT9D), the 767 crew acknowledged and requested to return to the ramp, when the other crew alerted the engine was now on fire. The 767 was evacuated via slides, emergency services responded and put the fire out using foam reporting the fire was out 7 minutes after the other crew had alerted of the engine fire. 15 people were taken to a hospital, the 767 received substantial damage.

Airport Operations reported a large, very smelly puddle of fuel at taxiway T4 about 700 meters/2300 feet prior to the holding point runway 28R. 

Runway 28R was closed for about 75 minutes, all operations of the airport were switched to runway 28L.

Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue Office reported one person received serious but non-life threatening burns during the evacuation, 14 others minor injuries like bruises, bumps or feeling the stres of the situation and were taken to a hospital. 

On Oct 30th 2015 the FAA reported there were 15 injuries and substantial damage to the aircraft when the left hand engine caught fire during taxi. The occurrence was rated an accident.

The NTSB dispatched four investigators on site.

Damage to engine, wing and fuselage 
Damage to engine, wing and fuselage (Photo: AP/Wilfredo Lee)

N251MY after the fire was extinguished 
N251MY after the fire was extinguished (Photo: CBS News)

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