domingo, 31 de agosto de 2014

Incident: TAP A343 at Lisbon on Aug 29th 2014, hydraulic failure

A TAP Air Portugal Airbus A340-300, registration CS-TOA performing flight TP-287 from Lisbon (Portugal) to Luanda (Angola) with 270 people on board, was climbing out of Lisbon's runway 03 when the crew stopped the climb at 6000 feet due to the failure of the green hydraulic system. The aircraft entered a hold for about 45 minutes, then positioned for an approach to runway 03. Following an alternate gear extension the aircraft landed safely on runway 03 with open gear doors and stopped on the runway. The aircraft was towed to the apron.

A replacement Airbus A340-300 registration CS-TOC departed Lisbon with a delay of about 8.5 hours.

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