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Crash: PNG DH8A near Madang on Oct 13th 2011, impacted terrain

An Airlines of PNG (Papua New Guinea) de Havilland Dash 8-100, registration P2-MCJ performing flight CG-1600 from Lae to Madang (Papue New Guinea) with 28 passengers and 4 crew, was lost from radar about 20km south of Madang around 17:00L (07:00Z). The aircraft was later located on land about 20km south of Madang, the aircraft was on fire.

There are unconfirmed reports of possibly 4 survivors, however, the fate of the occupants is unclear as of current.

Early Oct 14th Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs said no Australian was killed in the crash identifying one of the pilots survived. The Department continued that according to local authorities 4 people survived the crash, amongst them also the other pilot.

Papua New Guinea's Accident Investigation Commission (AIC) said, the airplane went down 20km south of Madang near the mouth of the Gogol River and caught fire, there are reports of survivors and fatalities. Rescue forces have reached the crash site, police has cordoned the site off, ambulances have reached the site, local hospitals are on stand by. A first investigator has reached Madang. The Australian Transportation Safety Board has been asked for assistance.

The airline stated there were 28 passengers and 4 crew on board. There appear to be a number of survivors while the remaining people are unaccounted for. Authorities have quarantained the aviation fuel at Lae Airport. PNG Airlines have grounded all their 12 Dash 8 aircraft until further notice.

No weather information is available for Madang (neither Metar nor local weather office data), however local residents reported a violent storm was in the vicinity at the time of the crash.

TAF Madang [AYMD]:
AYMD 130602Z 1308/1320 12008KT 9999 SHRA SCT016 SCT030 BKN140 Q1009 1011 1010 1008
AYMD 122301Z 1302/1314 12010KT 9999 SHRA SCT016 SCT030 BKN140 Q1010 1008 1009 1011

Map (Graphics: AVH/Google Earth):
Map (Graphics: AVH/Google Earth)

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