domingo, 20 de março de 2011

Incident: Kosmos T134 near Moscow on Mar 19th 2011, false hijack code

A Kosmos Avia Tupolev TU-134 on behalf of Gazpromavia, flight 4G-964 from Ukhta to Moscow Vnukovo (Russia), was enroute about 30 minutes before estimated landing in Moscow when Air Traffic Control noticed the transponder was sending the unlawful interference (hijack) code and began according preparations. The airplane continued for a normal safe landing, after landing the captain clarified that the transponder code was false, no threat existed and the crew had not raised any alert. The airplane was directed towards a remote guarded stand, where authorities verified the airplane had not been unlawfully interfered with.

Rosaviatsia confirmed that an unlawful interference alert was raised, the captain however reported the alert was false. Rosaviatsia believes an alarm button located at the floor of the cockpit may have been inadvertently touched by one of the pilots.

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